Stella Benatti International Event RiderStella is an Italian international event rider.

Stella was born in Italy and she moved between Verona and Milano before settling up with her family in Lugano, Switzerland in ’98.
Stella has always been very sporty and since young age she used to play tennis, ski, football, swim and of course equestrian.

Even if her family were not directly involved in the equestrian, her family has always been extremely supportive.

Stella built herself as rider through different experiences made abroad while based at top riders yard or by top coaches between Italy, France,
Switzerland and France from 2008 to 2015.

In 2015 Stella decided to move to England and settle her own business and build her yard of event horses.

Stella’s main goal is representing her country at the next Olympic Games.

Here are 9 things you may not know about Stella Benatti…
1. Stella grew up in Switzerland, but was born in Italy, Verona, the city of Giulietta and Romeo (Romeo and Juliet).
2. Stella's first unaffiliated competition was at the age of 5.
3. She started eventing at the age of 11 with her pony 'Goldiestar'. She used to do show jumping until a friend suggested a cross country lesson, she didn't even know what cross country or eventing was until then!
4. Stella started riding full-time at 18 years old and became a professional rider in 2012 when she started riding for the Italian Air Force up until 2019.
5. She has been based in different countries (England, Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland) by different Olympic Riders as Touzaint, Schrade and Dibowski.
6. Stella made a big improvement on the technical side when she was based in Switzerland. The trainers she had were:
– Jurg Notz for show jumping
– Jurg Röthlisberger for dressage
They all respected the fact she was an eventer but they taught her a lot.
7. Stella has been a vegetarian since she was 14 years old. She loves to eat healthy & fresh foods.
8. Her philosophy is that before being a sport, equestrian is a passion and it must be a partnership between horse & rider.
9. Stella loves to travel and wishes she could have more time to travel the world.