Owning an event horse can be an immensely rewarding experience, and the great thing is you can start at any level. Being an owner can give you a real buzz, whether watching a young horse starting out in its career through to watching an older more experienced horse making it’s way round Badminton or Burghley.

Without the support of owners, most event riders like Stella would not be able to compete as they do and owners are very much part of the team, being involved in all of the decision making, being able to pop down to the yard at any point and of course watching their horses compete.

Stella usually produces the horses she rides and loves working on young horses. She looks for horses with a good jumping technique and enjoys working on the confidence inspired by natural horsemanship.

Stella is always looking for new owners to join her and whether you have a horse you would like her to ride, one you would like her to find for you or if you are interested in becoming a joint owner or starting a syndicate please contact Stella here, and have a chat about the various options available.

Stella currently has shares available on two of the horses in her yard; Betty Boop and Chakalaka which can be viewed here.